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Hairstyles for a Round Face 

For individuals with round face, the main aim of styling their hair is to come up with dimensions on their face and create the illusion of longer thinner face. Therefore, if you have a round face, some hairstyles are going to look better than others do. Choosing one of the following hairstyle for round faces may go a long way in creating the look that one might be aiming to achieve. This will give an individual a look that will turn eyes and faces.

Long layers hairstyle

The first thing to this hairstyle is to ensure that the hair is long enough. With a round face, hair should be at least as long as chin, but having longer is preferable. Therefore one has to be cut long layers into the hair.


Long and flowing hair

Growing hair long will make somebody’s face to appear longer, this looks better with round face than short haircuts do. The hair should not be kept at a uniform length. Add dimensions and layers around the chin to elongate the face and adding some highlight that frames the face to achieve this effect.



These are styles that look good to women having no angles on their face. The reason is that, weaves deflect the round shape of face. Most of the women have got natural weaves which is attractive for women with round faces. If you have natural weaves, always allow your hair to dry after cleaning, this makes it to retain some of its wave. A big sized curling iron can also be used to weaves.


Shoulder length hairstyle

Shoulder length hair looks awesome with almost any facial shape because it is the perfect length. It should also not be left at the same length.


Short bob at the back and longer in front below the chin

This angled bob is the best for rounded faces as it is worn straight. It therefore, limits the volume of the sides of face which is how round faces are generally accentuated. A styling gel is essential for this look. It can create a chic look that everyone is striving for.


The fringe cut hairstyle

With fringe, one is advised to always maintain a long one that almost covers the eyes. The rest of the hair should be longer than earlobes and the chin, hair stylist can experiment with a shorter back but the front should always remain longer.


Some styles like chunky bobs and bangs cut that near the chin or cheeks should be avoided. These will greatly emphasize the round shape of the face. Individuals should very well understand that keeping healthy hair and regular maintenance goes along with anyone looking for the perfect hairstyle.


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