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Hairstyle For Long Hair

If you have long hair a hairstyles which enhances the length and provides movement are probably the most popular Hairstyles For Long Hair. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Reece Witherspoon show their long hair to its full advantage, Beyonce has beautiful long curly hairstyle which is being copied by many by having hair extensions added.

Having long hair also gives you the option to put it up for evening wear. Like most hair styles long hair can be straight, wavy or curly and still look good. Having long hair doesn’t mean you can just forget about it. Long hair needs to be kept in top condition and the ends need to be trimmed regularly to prevent split ends every 6-8 weeks. Some hair salon will dust long hair, which means the will only cut off the barest minimum to remove split and damaged ends.

Eating healthy will help long hair stay in good condition and stop it from becoming limp. Hair brushing needs to be done cautiously so as not to pull and damage the hair. To brush long hair properly you should start by bending forwards and letting the hair fall over your face. Brush with a natural bristle brush by beginning at the nape of your neck and carefully brush though to the ends. After each brush stroke, run your hand over the section of hair to help remove static. Remember to only brush your hair when it is dry, brushing wet hair can cause damage.

Long hair also takes time to grow and the waiting time requires patience and commitment. Hair grows on average six inches a year so you can roughly calculate how long it will take to grow your hair long. However, long hair does not suit all hair types, fine or thin hair may never become really long; fine hair has a tendency to break easily while thin hair will appear thinner and straggly when grown long.

Long hair can be made wavy to produce a cascade of beautiful locks by using rag rollers. Conventional rollers are not suited for really long hair, they will become entangled and damage the hair.

Long hair can look great with a symmetrical blunt cut hairstyle, but will need to be very carefully looked after to maintain this look.

Masses of curls, either natural or produced by perming can add a whole new dimension to long hair and can be a great Hairstyle For Long Hair.


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