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Short Hair 

Hairstyles For Short Haircan make you feel and look younger and more vibrant. Short hair is easy to manage for those who lead a busy lifestyle; however, you should also give consideration to the shape of your face, the density and texture of your hair as a short hairstyle does not suit everyone.

By using virtual imaging and ‘style’ software, you will be able to use the shape of your face, hair color etc. to pick and chose from hundreds of short hair styles to suit you.

Both young and older women may select to have a really short hair which can be washed and left to dry naturally or spiked with gels and mousses.

Short hair has also been associated with men’s hair cuts for many years. The classic ‘short back and sides’ style remains very popular and can be achieved by using commercial hair trimmers at home. Short hair styles for man can be in the extreme, many men now have their hair very short and some shave their heads completely.

Short hair styles are numerous. Short bobs and short layers are very popular and are easy to achieve. Layers add texture and ‘life’ to flat hair, while wispy fringes and hair that is cut around the face makes a wonderful ‘frame’ for the face. Short hair can leave you feeling exposed and it may take some time to get used to.

Symmetrical short cuts can look dramatic and stylish. By having the fringe and sides cut ‘blunt’ a chic and trendy style can be achieved. High fringes can also give a different twist to a short style.

By having the fringe cut to dip over one eye produces a ‘shy’ and sexy look; short and spiky can be used to lift the hair away from the face and expose the eyes which is particularly good for ‘out-going’ people with bubbly personalities.

If you are not very tall, short hair can give the appearance of increase in height, especially if spiked up slightly.

One point to remember is that short hair will mean more frequent trips to the hair salon to keep it looking at its best. You also need to realize that once your hair has been cut short it can take a while for it to grow back!

Short hairstyles suit all occasions and may be used by sporty people to keep hair out of the eyes or by those who get hot or need to wash and go, busy mums and professional career people find short hair far easier to manage and control.

Hairstyles For Short Hair has become fashionable as many celebrities, Victoria Beckham for example, have short hair that looks fantastic and are easy to copy!


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