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Making Hair Bows

How To Make Hair Bows At Home

Hair Bows are great accessories that add to the beauty and personality of a woman. They can be worn for hair of any length. You might come across instances where you want a hair bow that suits your costume or outfit only to find that it’s not available at your local store. Not only that, buying these can sometimes turn out to be an expensive affair. So why buy something when you can do-it-yourself at home? If you are creative enough, you can create many beautiful and trendy hair bows at home. It’s not rocket science but anybody with a little creative mind can do it. Here’s how.

Before you start making those eye-ball catching hair bows, keep these supplies ready:

• Scissors
• Ribbon – preferably grosgrain
• Hair accessories like clips
• Glue
• Sewing Kit

Now that your supplies are ready, let’s get started with the hair bows. There are many different types of bows that you can make; from a basic bow to a faux bow, from a ribbon ruffle to a rosette, mini-Christmas bows, etc.

Basic Bow

1. Take a ribbon and fold it around the hair accessory.
2. Take the right piece and cross it over to the left.

3. Now pull take the left piece and pull it under the right one.
4. Fashion the ends of the ribbon into a loop.
5. Next cross the left loop over to the right one.
6. Then take the left loop underneath the right one and be sure to pull it tight.
7. Lastly, arrange the ribbon and make sure the both the loops are of the same size.
8. Cut the end parts to make them even.


1. Take a ribbon of one inch width and 24 inches long.
2. Use nail polish to paint both the ends.
3. Now fold one corner to meet the edge.
4. Next, stitch in a line along one of the edges.
5. Then tightly gather the ribbon and tie it off.
6. Now coil the ribbon at the pointy end.
7. From the bottom, sew all the layers.
8. Lastly, you can sew the rosette onto a barrette or you can simply glue it.


1. Take a ribbon of one inch width and about 18 inches long.
2. Fold the ends.
3. Sew a line of stitches to the center making sure you catch the folded ends as you do it.
4. Now pull the thread and gather the ribbon according to barrette’s length.
5. Sew a few more stitches to the gather.
6. Tie the thread.
7. Lastly, sew the ribbon which you have gathered onto a barrette of your choice.

Colorful Loop Bow

1. Select ribbons of different sizes and colors.
2. Using scissors, cut the ribbons into flower loops.
3. Use glue to stick them together.
4. Once the loops are all attached, in the center; insert something eg. a tiny synthetic flower petal.
5. A beautiful and colorful loop bow is ready to use.

There is no limit to one’s creative talent and you can make as many as you want. These cute hair bows can also be used as gifts or in case you just need something urgently for someone’s birthdays etc. Not only that, even children can wear these by simply putting them on headbands. So go ahead and raise your fashion quotient by making these awesome hair bows!

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