Neolight Hair

Neolight HairNeolight Hair treatments help restores hair loss for both men and women. Light therapy is a procedure which helps to provide fuller thicker hair.

The Neolight Brush uses the same principles of light therapy; light energy is applied to the scalp or skin in order to stimulate the scalp by energizing it with light and is a natural process which is similar to photobiochemical reaction obtained by plant photosynthesis. Laser light increases available energy to the cells so that the absorb nutrients and expel waste faster.

The Neolight Laser Brush complies with USA safety standards and is a painless process which is non-toxic. The device is used by brushing the hair and scalp for approximately 15 minutes three times a week. Although the Neolight Laser Brush works on its own to restore hair it is also useful as a complimentary treatment for other procedures.

The Neolight Laser combs and brushes are cordless which gives it the versatility to be used anywhere, even while watching television.

The devices are powered by batteries and by gently and slowly combing or brushing the hair in the growth direction, from front to back and top to bottom. The head must be clean and dried or towel dried before using. It should be used before any styling products are used.

While most hair loss is caused by genes which affect more men than women, hair loss can also be caused by infection. Infections can damage the scalp and hair which grow from diseased or infected follicles are weak and therefore can easily break or fall out. It is advisable to ensure your hair loss is not being caused by infection which can be healed with medication and hygiene.

There are many manufactures producing laser light brushes and combs, all claim theirs to be the best value for money, however, the Neolight Laser products appear to be one of the largest and most successful in their field.

There is no widely available data to make a comparable judgement as to whether Neolight brushes are effective; this is probably due to so many external factors for each individual person, such as the amount and condition of hair prior to using the brush, diet and general health etc. which could all potentially have an effect on the products efficiency.

However, if hair loss is really bothering you it may well be worth trying Neolight Hair loss brushes and combs for yourself.

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